Ben Raderstorf

Ben Raderstorf

Undergraduate Associate; Samuels Family Research Fellow. Concentration in Social Studies, Harvard College.

Research interests: Globalization and democracy in Latin America, focusing on political parties and new social …

Ahmed Ragab

Ahmed Ragab

Faculty Associate. Richard T. Watson Assistant Professor of Science and Religion, Harvard Divinity School.

Research interests: The history of science; science and religion; intellectual history; and gender and sexuality in the Middle …

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Micrea Raianu

Micrea Raianu

Graduate Student Affiliate. PhD Candidate, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: The history of capitalism in India through a case study of Tata.


Karthik Ramanna

Faculty Associate. Associate Professor of Business Administration; Henry B. Arthur Fellow, Accounting and Management Unit; Marvin Bower Fellow, Harvard Business School.

Research interests: The international political economy of systems and standards of corporate accountability; the differential role of corporate lobbying and special interest politics across countries, and in the global diffusion of transparency as an instrument of accountability.

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J. Mark Ramseyer

Faculty Associate. Mitsubishi Professor of Japanese Legal Studies, Harvard Law School.

Research interests: Japanese law, generally from a law and economics perspective; and governance and finance of Japanese …

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Faaiza Rashid

Faaiza Rashid

Research Fellow, Canada Program. PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior, Department of Sociology, Harvard University.

Research interests: Interpersonal dynamics of multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural groups and their consequences for individual and collective outcomes.

Michael R. Reich

Faculty Associate. Taro Takemi Professor of International Health Policy, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health.

Research interests: Access to medicines and pharmaceutical policy; health system strengthening; and the political economy of policy-making processes.

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Fernando M. Reimers

Faculty Associate. Ford Foundation Professor of International Education; Director, International Education Policy Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Research interests: International and comparative education; instructional improvement in high-poverty schools; democratic citizenship education; and educational innovation and social entrepreneurship.

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Jonathan D. Reindollar

Jonathan D. Reindollar

Undergraduate Associate; Williams/Lodge International Government and Public Affairs Fellow. Department of East Asian Studies, Harvard College.

Research interests: Shenzhen's relative autonomy to Beijing in regards to financial policy.

Jacob Remes

Jacob Remes

William Lyon Mackenzie King Research Fellow, Canada Program. Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and History, State University of New York, Empire State College.

Research interests: Working class response to Progressive-Era disasters in Canada and the United States.

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Megan Richards

Megan Richards

Fellow. Director for Coordination, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT), European Commission.

Research interests: Regulatory frameworks and digital innovation; and the role of telecom regulation and the Internet.

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Andrew Richardson

Faculty Associate. Assistant Professor, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University.

Research interests: Forest ecology, the carbon cycle, phenology, and broader impacts of global change on terrestrial …

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Mathias Risse

Faculty Associate. Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.

Research interests: Global justice; questions at the intersection of political philosophy, economic theory, and political science; ethics and public policy; philosophical aspects of globalization; group rationality; and social choice theory.

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Meg Elizabeth Rithmire

Faculty Associate. Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Business, Government, and the International Economy Unit, Harvard Business School.

Research interests: Comparative political economy of development; politics and economy of China; subnational governments and inter-governmental relations of developing countries; urban politics and political economy; and origins of property rights institutions in transitional economies.

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