Afsaneh Najmabadi

Faculty Associate. Francis Lee Higginson Professor of History and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: Sociocultural transformations of gender and sexuality in the modern Middle East and South Asia.

(617) 496-7460

Noah Nathan

Graduate Student Affiliate; Samuel P. Huntington Doctoral Dissertation Fellow. PhD Candidate, Department of Government, Harvard University.

Research interests: Electoral politics in African democracies, focusing on Ghana.

Shaun S. Nichols

Shaun S. Nichols

Graduate Student Associate. PhD Candidate, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: Global history of capitalism, labor, and human migrations; and industrialization and de-industrialization of Southeastern Massachusetts.

(617) 495-9876

Kalypso Nicolaïdis

Advisory Committee. University Lecturer in International Relations, and Chair, South East European Studies, St Antony's College, University of Oxford.
Pippa Norris

Pippa Norris

Faculty Associate. Paul F. McGuire Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Harvard Kennedy School.

Research interests: Democracy and development; public opinion and elections; political communications; and gender politics.

(617) 495-1475

Kendra Norton

Kenneth I. Juster Fellow. Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard College.

Research interests: Ethnographic documentary film portrayal of life in Sangalkam, Senegal.

Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Senior Adviser; Faculty Associate. Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard Kennedy School.

Research interests: Globalization policy; US foreign policy; and power and interdependence in world politics.

(617) 495-1123
Anne O'Donnell

Anne O'Donnell

Prize Fellow in Economics, History, and Politics, Center for History and Economics. PhD Candidate in History, Princeton University.

Research interests: Cultural history of institutions and economies in Russia and the USSR; and political history of material life.

(617) 496-3643

Kelly O'Neill

Faculty Associate. Associate Professor, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: Imperial Russia; economy and trade in the Black Sea; social and cultural history; and comparative history of empires.

(617) 496-7293

Jacob Olupona

Faculty Associate. Professor of African Religious Traditions, Harvard Divinity School; Professor of African and African American Studies, Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University.

Research interests: Religious practices of African immigrants to the United States.

(617) 495-8221
E. Roger Owen

E. Roger Owen

Faculty Associate; Harvard Academy Senior Scholar. A.J. Meyer Professor of Middle East History, Emeritus, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: Writing the Middle East into the first wave of modern globalization, 1870–1929; modern Egypt and Iraq; and theories of imperialism.

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