Faculty Nominations for Weatherhead Center Fellows

For over five decades, the presence of Fellows at the Center has proven to be a stimulus to countless faculty members, and faculty nominations for Fellows have yielded among the Center's most productive citizens. Through these nominations, Faculty Associates may bring to the Center international-affairs practitioners with whom they have worked—or wish to work—in the course of their research.

Who Is Eligible

Faculty Associates are eligible to nominate to the Fellows Program senior diplomats, military officers, politicians, journalists, civil servants, officials from nongovernmental organizations, scholar-practitioners, and business professionals who demonstrate leadership in the practice of international affairs. Mid- to senior-level professionals benefit most from working in this environment. The program is particularly interested in individuals who have professional and academic interests that are directly related to the research of the faculty of the Center.

Making Nominations

For more information on the Fellows Program and nominating applicants, please contact the program's director, Kathleen Molony.

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